Winston-Salem Al-Anon Information Services (WSAIS) Monthly Meeting
2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:30PM to 7:30PM (Back to original time)
via a Zoom meeting unless cancelled or changed. (Go to Service Page for details and any update)
(Originally at) St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church [Map]

2575 Parkway Dr., Winston-Salem, NC
** Please check the Service Page for our monthly meeting updates and details before you come. We will post any changes to our monthly meeting by 4PM of the day. This is a service meeting, not a regular meeting.**  

We need your participation. We currently have opening in WSAIS leadership (chairperson, secretary, etc.). Please send someone to represent your group for this important local outreach service meetings. We maintain this website, hotline telephone service, meeting list, and other outreach projects for the Winston-Salem and surrounding area. Normally, the alternate group representative (Alt GR) is the AIS rep, but anyone is welcome.

This page contains a manually updated list of upcoming Al-Anon related events in the Winston-Salem area and may include district-wide events not excluding geography served by other AIS groups. If you know of a related event you feel should be included on this calendar please feel free to use the comment box below to make your contribution. Comments will be entered into a review queue to protect this page. Approved entries may be edited for formatting and clarity prior to being publicly posted on this page. None of the requested login information is required to post comments; comments may be made entirely anonymously.

9 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Greetings: I reviewed the .pdf meeting list. The listing for the 11am Saturday Hope AFG meeting in Salisbury has old information => address # changed from 304 to 314 (error), meeting moved to first floor, meeting now handicapped accessible. Revised listing should be => “11:00 am Hope AFG: The Rebos Club (1st Floor), 314 Depot St., Salisbury NC” — Regards, Greg W.

  2. Thank you ALL for all you do…………..this is such a needed service group…… get WAY more than you give……….in our Readers……..there is a writing…..that says in essence: God does not call the qualified…….He qualifies the called…….I think he does both.

  3. Thank you to our website coordinator. This is a lovely service to our fellowship

  4. Thank you, Donna. Right now these comments are not automatically posted on the website. I don’t know what to do with it.

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