Meeting List

** Current meeting schedule under the Coronavirus pandemic is below.**  Once the pandemic is over, groups may go back to the original in-person meetings. When that time comes, a new full list of meetings will be posted. Until then, we list the only meetings we know that are going on. All AFG meetings welcome newcomers. If you find one that is not welcoming newcomers, please let us know. We will check out why. If any meeting information is missing, please send the webmaster an email ( There are so many of them, it is easy to miss.

The current meeting list as of June 7, 2021 (mostly online) is here:WSAIS Current meeting info 6-7-2021

Here is the Al-Anon meeting search in the USA..

Online meetings (via phone and/or chat) are available for persons who are unable to attend to face to face meetings.

Here in Winston-Salem, we are very fortunate to have an active meeting available every single night of the week as well as some daytime meetings and some earlier evening meetings. The listings below are frequently updated and should represent the most up to date schedule of available meetings. Note: these are prior to COVID-19 pandemic.